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  “I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to create beautiful objects that will enrich the life of women, giving birth to great designs that make a difference in women's lives and complete their style and burst them in confidence.”

As a young girl Sevda began to design her own clothes and accessories, which her mother, a professional dressmaker, lovingly crafted for her. At an early age Sevda knew that creativity would be an essential part of her life and began designing her first sketches at the age of seven.

Born in Bursa, Turkey, a city synonymous with a rich history in textile craftsmanship helped Sevda develop an appreciation for the country’s rich cultural history and handcraft.

Encouraged by her mother to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer, Sevda mastered fashion studies at the Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts Textile and Fashion Design in Istanbul.

After working as a designer for several leather brands in Istanbul, Sevda relocated to London to hone her craft and completed a variety of courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. There she began to shape her philosophy and real plans for the business that made her dreams come true and continue to do so.

When she couldn’t find the right handbag to take her from day to evening, she knew it was the perfect motivation for her to create her eponymous label, which was launched in 2008 in London, the city known for its impeccable fashion sense and where Sevda continues to design handbags and scarves as well as dreams.

Inspired by her travels and infused with her east meets west design philosophy, Sevda was determined to create the bags she always wanted but could never quite find. Exquisitely handcrafted in Italy, the emerging luxury designer creates chic and feminine silhouettes with minimal details.

As a British label, she combines elegant, classy, and timeless “Designed in London” fashion-forward creativity with truly “Made in Italy” products, using only the highest quality materials and traditional hand crafted techniques, along with bespoke hardware for her handbags.

To introduce her new venture, she has launched a matching silk and cashmere blend scarf collection. Patterns are bold, colourful and tell a story of London; what she calls a very happy London.

Ethical values have always been at the core of Sevda and her team during the process of building her brand since the very beginning. She strives to work with safer materials and ensures safe working conditions, no child labor involvement, as well as protecting the rights of the people she works and collaborates with. 

“I am a designer. When I create a bag, I know that it is going to come alive at the hands of a real woman. As time passes, it evolves into its own unique character by the style of its constant companion, its owner, and her imprints, and her scent. It will reflect her personality. The bag becomes no longer an accessory.”

The promise made by Sevda determines SEVDA’s values that overlap with sustainable principles. It is precisely a major part of the SEVDA DNA. These are:

  • Timelessness: We don’t want to be trendy. We desire creating a product of the highest quality destined to be a loyal companion for many years. A timeless classic, by its very nature; durable and long lasting.
  • Uniqueness: An object that is rare and desirable that allows its owner to reflect her own unique personality, while showing an appreciation and respect for meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Soul: What we do is a vector for emotion. We believe products are charged with meaning, decency, and a story. It reflects its companion’s personality, passed on from generation to generation.