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In The Real World The Real Sevda

I am a very sensitive, and emotional person. And very reserved. I mostly keep my feelings to myself; at least until I am ready to share them with the world, or perhaps never to be shared. I believe I am also very romantic! I love red wine and I love enjoying it with my friends and family. I always want to be surrounded by people with whom I feel comfortable. I have always been determined; if I really want something, I have to get it. I don't mind working very hard until I succeed. And I never stop dreaming.

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Melissa Hall and Her Success Story

Back in 2010, the first time I had visited New York City, I absolutely fell in love with its charm and elegance. It was also an honor and a once in a lifetime experience to be selected as one of the top 5 designer finalists in the 'Best Handbag in Overall Style & Design' category in NYC. This event led me to countless opportunities in my career. She was the one who encouraged me to attend the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. And now she is still the one who continues to inspire me and many others through The Emerging Designer Network she has founded. It is my privilege to introduce you to Melissa Hall and her philosophy of her success.

Melissa Hall tells us her story...

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