We are all obsessed with fashion. We all love to keep our wardrobe up to date with trends. But, I am extremely sorry to say, some of us prefer fashion over style. And multiples of quite cheap products over the ethically-made ones.

Let's face it, fashion is a never ending process and we all have dozens of clothes, shoes, bags loaded into our wardrobe. Too many pieces purchased on impulse, for seasonal or only for an occasion, and yet they are hidden in the back of your wardrobe, forgotten and worn only once. It is a big SHAME! Because, in the end, these garments find themselves in the bin, replaced with the new ones. They are never deeply loved. We call this familiar experience for all of us, "Fast Fashion."

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." - Coco Chanel  

"We have more clothes than at any other time in history, but have become less and less fulfilled and secure in our purchases, precisely because we have become such passive consumers. We watch, we follow, we pick of the retail and we find ourselves at the cash till." says Lucy Siegle, the author of To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?  This is a great example of what we have become over the years; herdlike, careless and more selfish.

Greenpeace International has commissioned a new investigation that delves even further into the hazardous chemicals used in the production of high street fashion clothes we are wearing. The results are alarming. It exposes the links between textile manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution and some of the well-known brands. According to the investigation report there are certain facts with dismal consequences we can not ignore.

  • Around 80 billion garments are produced worldwide, the equivalent of just over 11 garments a year for every person on the planet.
  • The increased volumes of clothing being made, sold, and thrown away magnifies the human and environmental costs of our clothes at every stage of their life cycle.
  • Even the apparently small, quantities of hazardous chemicals are legally allowed in clothing, cumulatively amount to the widespread dispersal of damaging chemicals across the planet.


While fast fashion brands continue to use our public waterways like their own private sewers, threatening people's livelihoods and health, we have a right to know more about the chemicals they are releasing. We must demand more transparency.

If we don't change our shopping habits and be more cautious about the environmental effects of our purchases, this carelessness will eventually cause major damage to our planet. As global citizens and consumers we should all collectively use our influence to enact this change. Greenpeace calls us to act NOW and demands governments and brands to detox our futures. I too believe from the bottom of my heart this is just the beginning. A post-toxic world is not only desirable, it's possible. Together we can create it.


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