Have you ever given any thought to what your unique reason to be in business?

If your immediate answer is only to be one of the wealthiest, I can say you lost already, at least my attention. No one in this world is willing to make you rich or to make your dreams come true unless they gain favor from what you offer or your purpose.

I believe your intention should be to influence or change my life or my lifestyle, in a positive way of course, make me feel good, rewarding, or attractive. I should benefit from what you offer. I should feel extraordinary when I have it in my life. Or simply, I shouldn’t imagine myself without it.

You must intend to change the world!

If you fulfil my life and make me so happy, then the money will follow. People buy for their reasons, not yours!

In The One Minute Sales Person, Spencer Johnson mentions this fact: “The fastest way to achieve your goals, is to stay on purpose. Has it occurred to you that you are already adding value to your customers?

The fact is, with a product or service you believe in, selling is inherently purposeful. You do add value. You help people solve problems, seize opportunities, and by acting, feel better about themselves.”

You must raise my feet from the ground initially, then I follow, I buy from you.

Bernadette Jiwa adds, in Fortune Cookie Principle, “Whatever your idea, whatever you market, sell, or promote – whether it is a cause, art, products, or services – one of the ways to differentiate from your competitors is to communicate purpose. Products can be similar, but your purpose is unique!”

It is time to think carefully and measure the reasons of your existence in the business you created. Why are you in business? What is your purpose to exist?

I say Bernadette pushes my limits, to find the reason, the value of my existence of my business. As we also say, if there is no pain, there is no gain. So we should dig deep to find our roots, where and what we built our ideas, business, and products on.

For me personally, when I was building up my accessory company in London I couldn’t really say I knew exactly what I was doing. Let's call this my apprenticeship period. In the end there was only one thing on my mind, making my accessory brand real. Thanks to my perseverance, I am continuing to make my dreams come true, while enhancing the dreams and lives of others.

During my journey, as my company was growing I began to ask questions. How can I make the world better with my products? What is the message I should give to my customers? Why am I here? Why am I given my talent and how should I use this gift for the benefits of others and the world?

By continually questioning yourself, your existence and the reflection of your existence, you will ultimately come up with the answers you will need.

Now, when I look back I can say I am more confident with who I am and my unique reasons, and my purpose I discovered.

I began building up my business based on more ethical values, such us safer materials, safe working conditions, no child labor involvement, as well as protecting the rights of people I work and collaborate with. I am also willing to be an ambassador for raising awareness of the dying artisan heritage.

I invite people to slow down and enjoy the moments of their life, along with their cautious and informed decisions on what they buy and consume. I encourage my customers to seek more transparency; slow down on their retail buying habits, invest in slow fashion, and show an appreciation and respect for meticulously crafted products.

I determine our values that overlap with sustainable principles. It is precisely a major part of the SEVDA DNA.

I urge you to do the same, to dig down, examine, question and find your purpose, the reason of existence and build your company on those principles. As Bernadette says: “It is really important to make your story good. You need to give people a reason not just to buy your products, but to buy into your brand. The product must tell part of the story.”

These few sentences indeed summarize everything. With your own unique story, and with your true intentions you will make people not only fall in love your products, but you will also inspire them and make them proud of being a part of your story and be loyal.

It is all up to you, whether you should continue to sell a product with no meaning, or create the art of the object, a great design with a dream behind it, that people would love to buy.

Yes it is all in your hands, if you realize it.