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Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up

We are all obsessed with fashion. We all love to keep our wardrobe up to date with trends. But, I am extremely sorry to say, some of us prefer fashion over style. And multiples of quite cheap products over the ethically-made ones.

Let's face it, fashion is a never ending process and we all have dozens of clothes, shoes, bags loaded into our wardrobe. Too many pieces purchased on impulse, for seasonal or only for an occasion, and yet they are hidden in the back of your wardrobe, forgotten and worn only once. It is a big SHAME! Because, in the end, these garments find themselves in the bin, replaced with the new ones. They are never deeply loved. We call this familiar experience for all of us, "Fast Fashion."

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10 Tips to Become a Successful Handbag Designer

Wouldn't it be fascinating to have your own line, enjoyed by the masses, and mentioned by top editors? Imagine seeing your handbags worn by celebrities on the red carpet. You and your handbags are all over the headlines of the top magazines. It is such a great feeling, isn't it? The reality always starts with dreams. You can turn yourself into the person you always want to be, but dreaming is not enough. You need to start realizing your dreams, act upon them, but watch your steps while you climb to the top. Based on my own past and present experiences, and to help you avoid the mistakes, as well as highlight the successes, here are my 10 important points before you set up your handbag business.

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BBC Good Food Festival at Hampton Court Palace

Our feet don't want to touch the ground. Gravity is just a state of mind anyway... What a day at the BBC Good Food Festival at Hampton Court Palace!

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Thank You bareMinerals for the Perfect Makeup

Thank you bareMinerals for the lovely welcome to your new Canary Wharf London boutique and my beautiful makeup for my profile shoot. Under these professional hands, I felt amazing, and natural and fresh. This was exactly what I was expecting from bareMinerals. It was as if my skin was still breathing even though I had makeup on my face. Isn't this amazing?

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An excellent process requires time and attention through passion for work well done. Even the smoothly cut edges of the leather are nicely polished after they have been given an extra colouring. Although traditional production methods have endured to the present day, the craftsman always conveys his own personal touch to his work.

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FLUX MAG / March 2015

FUNHOUSE FASHION - Check out this fun shoot in Flux Magazine featuring our Sevda London Audrey Tote and British Rose Garden silk scarf!

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Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia / February 2015

SEVDA features in this month's Harper's Bazaar Arabia.
"A killer combination of handcrafted leather, suede and bespoke details, carrying a Sevda travel bag cements a stylish arrival."

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Spoil Her With Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is here again. Time to indulge in Valentine gift ideas for you and your loved ones. The only thing left is romance and love in the air. Spoil her with her favourite gifts on this day, and of course yourself. Happy Valentine's!

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Stylist Magazine has teamed up with Sevda London to offer one reader the chance to win the Sophie Cross Body Bag in Mink worth £600! As a British label, SEVDA LONDON combines elegant, classy, and timeless pieces that are designed in London and brought to life in Italy by the world's top artisans, using only the highest quality materials and traditional hand crafted techniques. A combination of rich leather and bespoke metal detailing, SEVDA LONDON handbags are the epitome of couture quality craftsmanship.

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5 Steps to Eliminate or to Reduce the High Risk of Child Labour

Recently, I had quite an experience unlike any before. I am now an aunty of a new born baby girl; Asya. Very proud! How beautiful, pure, and innocent she is! Words cannot describe my feelings, my love I feel so strongly for her. I recognise she needs to be protected, supported by our family so she can become a beautiful young lady one day. And I know she also needs our love and guidance to discover her dreams and the meaning of being here in this world.

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