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10 Things I Can't Live Without

Have you ever thought of what's essential in your life, or those things you can't live without? I made a list of mine. Those things that are important in my life, and without them life would not be as flavourful.

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How to Design Your Handbag Line in 5 Steps

If you place your pencil and paper on your desk and wait for inspiration to come, most of the time you'll end up frustrated and unable to create what you really want. Instead, if you begin with and pursue the following helpful steps, you will experience more success and have peace of mind in the process.

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SEVDA LONDON SS15 Collection during London Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week comes to an end, brand storytelling is alive and well in the fashion industry. Ours was also well received. So proud and happy that we had an opportunity to bring our collection in front of fashion gurus for Spring Summer 2015 at our Mayfair showroom on Brook Street, London, along with our story that we believe in strongly.

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ELLE Turkey / August 2014

ELLE Türkiye featuring SEVDA LONDON.
"With a bag, it is often love at first sight, binding its owner by charm and its unique details."

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Love Protects, Love Defends, Love Restores, Love Empowers and LOVE 146!

Before anything else I am a girl, I am a woman, I am a sister, I am a designer, an entrepreneur, and one day a mother, but always a dreamer and always FREE! What I have achieved in my life comes from the ability to dream! I promised myself to be a great mother one day and protect my children from anything preventing their happiness, freedom, and dreams, just like my family did with me!

Why all this introduction? What made me feel this sentimental? It's partly due to the letter I read recently from Rob Morris to Alec Baldwin at  Huffingtonpost.com.

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Welcome to the Jewel of San Diego: La Jolla

One of my favourite locations is La Jolla, which in Spanish means “The Jewel.” It is the Jewel of America’s finest city, San Diego. La Jolla is located 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. It has wonderful beaches, cultural activities and fine restaurants. Which means a heavenly holiday destination to get away from the stressful big city lifestyle of say London where I am currently, although it is miles away in the west coast of the U.S.

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What is Your Unique Reason, Your Purpose to Exist in Business?

Have you ever given any thought to what your unique reason to be in business?

If your immediate answer is only to be one of the wealthiest, I can say you lost already, at least my attention. No one in this world is willing to make you rich or to make your dreams come true unless they gain favor from what you offer or your purpose.

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City Guide: My Roman Holiday

Remember the movie Roman Holiday starring Gregory Peck as a reporter and Audrey Hepburn as a royal princess out to see Rome on her own?

Just a week ago it was my turn for a fantastic Roman Holiday… My journey started in Milan for the Mipel Bag Show (which is a whole another story that I need to write about later); then moving on to Florence (what a charming small city and so romantic) to meet with some handbag artisans, and then finally, on to my dream city, Rome, the city I will highlight today.

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