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“I have always dreamed of creating silk scarves with their alluring beauty reflected by high craftsmanship and ethical approach. For me, the only form of beauty in silk comes with the story behind it, which involves the real people who make it happen, and their passion, creativity and belief. Otherwise, it is simply a piece of cloth, not a form of art and never the beauty I am absolutely looking for in my scarves.

With this obsession, I set off on a journey to form my silk scarf collection…”


Our exquisite journey begins with the cocoon laboured in Italy to become silk fabric before access to our printing atelier in Como, Italy, and embodied with my greatest memories of the English Gardens throughout the summer.

I really enjoy a colourful and a very happy London – exact opposite of its reputation – that smiles quite often with its sunshine peeking through the clouds, and the beautiful flowers enveloping the city. This vibrant and energetic atmosphere has been my influence to find the excellence and beauty in my silk products.

I call my scarves “My Elegant British Garden” with its unique little details like crowned little birds. Aristocratic Tulips and Roses with their own elegance, as well as Dahlias with their charm are the main features of my collection. I very much loved to use them in bold and large scales in my designs. Butterflies are everywhere, flying with joy and happiness, in my design gardens.

Some of my silk patterns took more than two months to complete, followed by colour separation for the screens to be able to print each design, and lastly cut from lengths of cloth and hand-rolled with tiny stitches around the edges. 

I believe with this collection of my scarves I have the ultimate and true beauty I have been seeking, and have continued to search throughout my entire life as a designer.


"My twill silk, as well as my cashmere blend scarves, are designed to be enjoyed every day and night, each scarf draped and worn differently each time with respect to our unique preferences. Indulging our wardrobes with a sense of individuality, imagination and a touch of mischief."