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“I am a designer. When I create a bag, I know that it is going to come alive at the hands of a real woman. As time passes, it evolves into its own unique character by the style of its constant companion, its owner, and her imprints, and her scent. It will reflect her personality. The bag becomes no longer an accessory.”

From the initial sketch to the hands of a craftsman, this is a story of a handbag as it culminates to become an article of the highest quality, the bag of your dreams. The adventure is only going to begin when you discover it. And I as a designer, along with the other artisans who make this handbag possible, are simply servants of this unique story, which is to be told only by its main character, you!

With a bag, it is often love at first sight, binding its owner by charm and its unique details, destined to be everlasting and loyal companions for many years. When you are chasing your dreams and continuing on the journey of your own story, your bag always at your side, you feel empowered. Your bag becomes your best friend forever.

Whether you want to feel free and hang it from your shoulder by its strap, or desire to be elegant and hook it by your arm, your bag complements your style and your self-confidence. And you are sure to catch the admiring eyes.

“I don’t just design bags, I design dreams”



“I personally don’t believe in fashion! Your uniqueness comes with what you choose, rather than what others tell you what to wear in a particular season. I don’t like fabrications either. In my imagination the SEVDA woman is recognised with her distinctive and cautious decisions in style.”

I am a designer. Everything evolves from my dreams first. My overall inspiration derives from the modern lifestyle of today’s women and my desire on fulfilling every possible fantasy they have. 

What really inspires me? It can be anything; a book I read, my travels or simply my quiet and meditative moments inviting my muse to come and inspire me… But absolutely London, one of the most beautiful cities, sits in the heart of my creative ability.

My inspiration begins to become a reality when I pencil sketch the vision I see in my mind. I try and try and try passionately to find the excellent look and structure until I am satisfied. I usually carry my sketchbook in my SEVDA bag, so if at anytime I see something that lights the fuse of my imagination, it falls into the tip of my pencil and I begin to sketch quickly. I only have one purpose in mind, to create an object that is rare, desirable, durable and everlasting.

Then I trace down my sketches. In my technical drawings I rigorously define the measurement of the details of my new bags. My detail drawings must be elaborate and exact. I never want to allow for any opportunity of misinterpretation during this exceptional process. Every detail needs to be meticulously planned.

The excellence of my bags’ production reveals confidence. Only then I can see a SEVDA woman wearing it with a sense of superiority. Deservedly, she gets recognised with her distinctive and cautious decisions in style.