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  “I can only make my dreams come true with the people I trust. This is teamwork. From cutting to quality control, each person involved in this process of excellence are multi-talented and expert artisans. The team spirit is alive in the leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy, both as an ethic and an asset.”


     “I am a designer. I am obsessed with the unique and warm scent of the leather, which permeates the air of the leather room. Each leather hide delivered from Italian tanneries goes under strict quality examination. Each one meticulously handled by the hands of a leather specialist, to evaluate and make the right choice. Scars, insect bites, and other small faults are not tolerated.”



The craftsman cuts the leather to the shape required. It takes hours to assemble the separate pieces into each bag. The thickness of the thread and the number of perforations per centimeter are predetermined from the very beginning. The perforations create a lovely line in the leather.

An excellent process requires time and attention through a passion for work well done. Even the smoothly cut edges of the leather are nicely polished after they have been given an extra colouring. Although traditional production methods have endured to the present day, the craftsman always conveys his own personal touch to his work.

The final treatment, sprucing it up before the bag leaves the studio, is done by the Master Craftsman. Then the final round, quality control follows. Each design is screened thoroughly one more time before it is sent to the shop floor.

The work of excellence, from my initial sketch to an article of the highest quality could be achieved only by a certain ethic and discipline along with patience. This is teamwork and its spirit is always alive in the leather goods workshop in Florence.





“My purpose in this world is to create desirable objects to fulfill the life of women. The only way for me to accomplish this is to build my work on solid foundations. For me, the human being is an asset; their effort and work is so precious. I can only have this realised with craftsmen trained in meticulous precision and respected for the talent they bear.”

I am a designer. In order to succeed in this achievement of my dream, I must believe in my work and the team behind of it. Accordingly, I must build my work on ethical values. I must ensure safe working conditions, along with protection of workers’ rights.

I am very sensitive with issues involving children. Our love and support is what they deserve always. It gives me pain and sorrow when I think of them working under very hard conditions. How can I wear anything made by little tiny hands instead of holding a pencil at school? How can I really feel happy with and proud of my buying decision? 

This is exactly what my team and I believe and promise you. This determines our values that overlap with sustainable principles. It is precisely a part of our DNA. These are:

  • Timelessness: We don’t want to be trendy. We desire creating a product of the highest quality destined to be a loyal companion for many years. A timeless classic, by its very nature; durable and long lasting.
  • Uniqueness: An object that is rare and desirable that allows its owner to reflect her own unique personality, while showing an appreciation and respect for meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Soul: What we do is a vector for emotion. We believe products are charged with meaning, decency, and a story. It reflects its companion’s personality, passed on from generation to generation.

Today, we are all aware that this toxic metal has serious effects on women and children’s health. Even an unborn baby is exposed to the threat of this chemical. 

The result is frightening but the causes are not impossible to prevent. Our focus on meeting the lead content standards is sure to reward the hard work we all put into it. I can ensure that you and all my customers can wear a SEVDA bag safely and with a peace of mind for years to come. 

To highlight the authenticity of the leather we source, we ensure “100% Made in Italy” and certificated by ICEC (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001) in Italy, which stands for the high standards of quality and environmental management.